My name is Jonathan Barrera Mikulich. I work as a multicultural marketing professional and entrepreneur in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While I have had a fulfilling career, there has always been part of my creative drive interested in pursuing music.

I have been playing the saxophone since I was a youngster; first alto, then tenor, and soprano. For over the past 15 years, I have had the privilege of performing in various professional capacities. I have played jazz, blues, R&B, funk, classic rock, salsa, and merengue. Currently, I am a member of an Alternative Latin Rock band named Cabildo. Music has been a fun side gig.

Recently, I have had the desire to step up my musical pursuits and put in the efforts to take my musicianship to the next level. My hope is to continue to perform, improve, and compose original music. While I certainly appreciate the many different genres of music, I have a particular interest in music of the jazz tradition: derived from rhythm & blues and swing, rooted in the African diaspora, schooled in the language of bop, seasoned with the ‘Spanish tinge‘, melodically mature, harmonically innovative, improvisational, inspirational, and without boundaries.

This website is an attempt to record my musical ambitions. I wish to share with other like minded individuals in a manner that is empathetic and transparent. Posts will be random, with no particular agenda than to cultivate our collective musical paths.

Why the name Bird Ambitions? It is inspired by one of the greatest of saxophonists of modern music.